Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 May 30 - Dynasty

2009 May 30 - Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

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Ken O drives over with Don S to give me a ride to the restaurant. Tonight is Chinese food.
Ken's Honda Civic

The front of the Dynasty Restaurant

Tonight we will have two tables of about 10 each. One table is for the hardcore Chinese food and the other is for the more normal Chinese cuisine.
Waitress taking the order The other table is in the corner

The Joel M's, Carol F and Jerry's wife

Vikingland's evil quartet

Where's the food ?

Looking at Ken's vacation photos

Looking at Ken's old grade school class pictures

These three have been causing trouble together since Grant Elementary School days

The first table gets served first since they ordered without much fanfare

The waitress brings the shrimp dish

This is the shrimp dish for the other table

Dennis is eating his watermelon

Barb had to work so she gets here after dinner

These two ate much more than their share :-)

After dinner BS'ing

Much more BS

This is the last photo as everyone is dividing up the bill